The Rules: Let’s Get Winning!

Posted by admin on September 18, 2015

In every youGOvi Compeitions, the upload with the most votes wins, but unlike other competitions, youGOvi gives you the chance to earn votes every day just for joining in on the fun.

With youGOvi’s voting features, you can choose to vote on your own content or a fellow GOvier’s photos and videos but remember, strategy is the key. The smarter you play, the more votes you will receive, and the more power you have to influence the competition—and increase your odds of success!

Here’s how it works:

Earn votes just by participating.

It’s that easy! When you upload any number of videos or photos to youGOvi’s “Going On Now!” competitions you’ll be awarded with one Instant Vote and one Bonus Vote. (You must use that Instant Vote to give your own photo or video a leg

up in the competition!).

Revote Bin.

Use your personal Revote Bin to easily vote for your favorite content again and keep track of unused daily votes with your Revote Counter.

Any time you vote on an photo or video, it automatically gets posted to your personal Revote Bin. Open your Revote Bin to see how many revotes you have earned each day in the thumb icon located at the top right corner of your screen. Slide left on any video or photo to cast your revote.

Play for the future, get votes now.

Upload any number of videos or photos to an Upcoming Competition and you will

receive one Revote in your Revote Bin. This allows you to be ready for the next competition.

Share content with GOpic and receive up to 4 more votes.

youGOvi’s GOpic feature allows to send your favorite video frames with your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and SMS. Receive 1 revote per share, with up to 4 revotes per day. Even if you haven’t participated in a specific competition you can still use GOpic, email, and social media to share content and receive votes. The arrow icon also lets you,with ease, share videos and photos with friends .

Spread the love and get a little love back yourself (and more votes!).

With youGOvi, friendly competition is the best competition.”Fill up the open hearts”and  when you vote for 4 or more videos or photos created by your fellow GOviers, you will find 2 more votes in your Revote Bin. You could use all of your revotes to vote for your own or for a friend’s.

You can’t take them with you, so vote now and vote often!

All votes not used by the end of the daily cycle will expire, but don’t be sad – Follow the guidelines above and keep those votes coming every day!

Have fun!

‘Nuff said. See you on the winners board!

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